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October 2010 Open Meeting

This month we had our Open Meeting. It was a great opportunity for our members to share their thoughts and ideas with the group as a whole. We started of with some humorous video clips from Mr. Deity before hearing about the take home messages some of our members took from the Freethinkers conference in Fargo North Dakota. After which the mic was passed around for discussion. You can hear it all by just clicking the player below.

Discussion References:

Atheist Experience:

Why I Am Not a Muslim by Ibn Warraq

Teaching Company or Great Courses on Comparative Religions

Let's keep the discussion going! Please feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments area below.


  1. I am not worried on us doing, so called, good works in the view of the community. We should not compromise with religious stick in the mud's. The Mideast dogmas; Christianity, Islam, and Jewish religion do not see the whole of humanity. The key word of concern that was not mentioned during our last session is Mythology. This is a key subject in the book stores but not seen by many of our freethinkers. Taken as a whole mythology has the sum of the human experience encompassed by the history of man. The trouble is it cannot be comprehended in a short amount of time. Being a serious subject, it is not viewed by freethinkers as important. Mythology involves vision, metaphors, and is the reason freethinkers cannot create the interesting life of interest. Reason, and intellectual facts are not sources of life. There is a difference between cold facts and experience vs.. vision and creativity. It appears the freethinkers do not have faith in their visions. The group will not prosper on the rigid format we currently follow. Religion is a problem; mythology is an answer. There is a big difference between the two.

    Fighting the religious dogmas is a dead street without also implying the heart or vision and a deeper history than the middle east. Space and time flow just like our perceptions of the moment. Freethinkers is on a dead path. Only the recognized cheer each other.

  2. Why is LSF important to me?:
    LSF is a place to meet with others of the same world/religious outlook even though there are some differences here and there. That's why we don't have a creed. And that is why,for me, it is important that it exists!
    LSF will never be popular in general as far as I can see - but, WE DON'T CARE!
    If we develop a mythology we will be no better than the theists that we look down upon.

    LSF is not important to the community,they could not care less if we were non-existent. In fact they would be a little happier if LSF did not exist since 'they' are proper god-fearing people. LOL
    If LSF did not exist I would be going to the Duluth Congregational church those Sundays and taking communion - so I kind of like missing that. It is bad enough hearing how loving God is. (I have mentioned there that in my opinion god is not loving)

    I have never liked the holiday season as a Christian because I felt it denigrated Jesus the Christ but now it is okay since I don't care what it does to him.
    It is okay with me if we 'come out' as pagans on Xmas - that Xmas is pagan itself seems to be a sort of common knowledge at this point. (I think)
    I guess that's enough.

  3. Although the comment above is somewhat disjointed, I will respond to a few select items for the sake of conversation.
    Your statement that "there is a difference between cold facts and experience versus vision and creativity." is true. However, I could not discern whether you were inferring that freethinkers generally maintain that they are mutually exclusive, or whether you are proposing that they are in YOUR mind. I would suggest that in either case you may be mistaken. Facts and experience do not hinder vision, but can, in fact, spur it. That vision can instill inspiration, hope, awe, reverence, inquiry, and any other experience that creates an "interesting life of interest". Mythology is not the sole source of these experiences in life.
    Moving on, I think your statement that "Religion is a problem; Mythology is the answer" is interesting in so far as I feel that the only difference is religions attempt to sell their particular mythology as factual truth. In my mind, the Bible is mythology. It could even be valuable as such. It is in the presentation of the myth as true that it loses its validity as a teaching tool.
    Lastly, to conclude that the group will not prosper, or is dead without mythology, is akin to saying your path is the only valid path. Isn't ironic that I have heard that elsewhere?