PLEASE JOIN US!   We meet on the first Sunday of every month in downtown Duluth at the Radisson Hotel (Location Map)
            Socializing begins at 9:00 am.
            Optional breakfast buffet at 9:30 am.
            Presentation from 10:00 until about 11:30.
Co-Facilitator: David Broman - (218) 349-7455
Co-Facilitator: Bill Guse - (218) 834-4583

We also have a mid-month social CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS             at rotating local venues for fun and fellowship

12:00 pm on Saturday the 11th of September we will have an open picnic at one of the gazebos located at the Park Point field.

This will be a great opportunity to meet with our members outside the conference hall and wonderful way to build a presence within the community.

Grills are available so bring some food and drink though no alcohol please as it is prohibited. Hopefully it will be a beautiful day but you can pray for good weather if you think that will help. ;)

Please remember this is a Saturday event.

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By Aviel Magnezi Published: Israel News

An Emmanuel rabbi upset at the sight of go-karting girls stormed the course and caused damage to the facility; the rabbi's vehicle was later vandalized in apparent retaliation for the incident.

The confrontation ensued after several girls arrived at the go-karting course in the religious community. "Usually this doesn't happen, as I respect the spirit of the community, but one of my employees brought some young relatives who really wanted to try it out so I let them do it," said Amram Gutman, one of the facility's owners.
However, not everyone in Emmanuel liked the idea of girls sitting behind the wheel, and one resident present at the site informed local Rabbi Yehoida Gadasi of the breach.

"He stormed the course, forced the girls out, lifted the go-karts, and simply broke them," one eyewitness said. "He turned the cars over and slammed them on the floor while uttering curses."

Other eyewitnesses said the rabbi's followers later arrived on his orders and removed all the go-karts from the course. Only after a verbal dispute with the facility's owners, the rabbi agreed to place the cars at the warehouse on site.

"I just arrived at that time and tried to talk to the rabbi, but he told me there was nothing to talk about," co-owner Gutman said. "He was yelling that I opened a brothel and we couldn't do a thing. He removed three go-karts from the course. There's nothing more infuriating than this."

Gutman said he and his partners plan to file a complaint over the incident. He added that as result of the damage caused to the go-karts, he cannot operate the facility at this time.

"I called the police, but the officer claimed there was no violence involved," he said.

Retaliation to the incident soon followed, with Rabbi Gadasi's vehicle vandalized a few nights later. The vehicle's tires were slashed and a windshield was shattered. According to residents, the perpetrators of the "revenge attack" were teenagers upset over the rabbi's acts. Gutman was blamed by the rabbi for the act and was taken in for interrogation before being released.
Many of our members were able to meet last Wednesday at Sara's Table and along with delightful discussion, also got to view a couple great videos.

One video was "Bill Van Druten in his own words". Those who were unable to attend Wednesday's meeting can now watch the video in which the incomparable Bill Van Druten, founder of the Lake Superior Freethinkers, talks about his life, upbringing, as well as religion and non-religion.

Part 1

Part 2