PLEASE JOIN US!   We meet on the first Sunday of each month in downtown Duluth at the Radisson Hotel (Location Map)
            Socializing begins at 9:00 am.
            Optional breakfast buffet at 9:30 am.
            Presentation from 10:00 until about 11:30.

            Co-Host: David Broman - (218) 349-7455
            Co-Host: Jim Lyttle - (218) 464-1652
             Videographer - Jan Resberg


New Store!

Yes, we now have a store! We have been working on several designs for shirts, mugs and more with some products ready to view, buy and customise now!

Our ideas are just getting started so be sure to check out what's new from time to time.
Lake Superior Freethinkers Store

These designs are customisable! If you would like to have one of our designs on another product but are having trouble with the customisation options just leave a comment below and we will try to help.

November 2010

August Berkshire put on a great presentation for this month's meeting. In it he touches on the biological, social and emotional reasons for faith as well as the rational arguments against a belief in God. He also spoke to the evidence for evolution and our place in the universe, both of which cast heavy doubt on a personal god.

Please listen below if you would like to remind yourself of the superb points made during the talk.

Want more?
7:00 PM Monday November 8th, August Berkshire will be debating Christian apologist Jon Kaus at UMD in room 200 of the Chemistry Building (use Heller Hall entrance), 1039 University Dr., University of Minnesota, Duluth, MN 55812. This event is cosponsored by the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) and the Secular Humanist Association. (SHA). It is free and open to the public.

We love to hear from you! Please leave your comments on August Berkshire's presentation below.

Coming Soon: LSF Store!

Those who made it out for this month's meeting will have seen some sample products which we intend to sell.

We are still working on designs and considering which products to provide but we plan to have the details worked out soon so you can come out next month sporting your Free Thoughts with pride.

We would like to hear your suggestions, so please leave comments below.

Upcoming Event: August Berkshire

November 7 2010 August Berkshire will deliver his one-hour presentation “Exploring Atheism: The Many Ways in which Atheism Makes Sense” to our meeting of the Lake Superior Freethinkers at the Radisson Hotel, 505 W. Superior St., Duluth, MN 55802.

This presentation would be ideal for someone who doesn't understand why you are a freethinker!

Free and open to the public. You can have Continental Breakfast for only $8.00 ($5.00 for students). Doors open at 9:00 am - social, 9:30 am - brunch, speaker at - 9:45 am.
Don't forget to set your clocks back for daylight savings and BRING A FRIEND!

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LSF Monthly Meeting - November 6, 2016

Lake Superior Freethinkers

Date: Sunday, November 6, 2016
Location: Duluth Radisson (Location Map )

Speaker: Dr. David Swenson
is a forensic psychologist and Director of the MBA in Rural Health at the College of St. Scholastica, and has been in the field for 50 years. He consults with courts, law enforcement, corrections, mental health, and schools in the upper Minnesota and Wisconsin region on crisis and stress management, criminal behavior, and behavior problems of youth. He is the co-author of Stress Management for Law Enforcement Officers, and presents regularly at conferences on sex offenders, abusers, and psychopathy.

Topic: Child Psychopathy


The popular image of the "psychopath" is usually one of prominent criminals such as Ted Bundy and Jeffrey Dahmer, but most people don't ask the question of how such people develop-- how does a child become a cold and calculating manipulator? In this presentation we will examine callous-unemotional traits in children, and identify the influence of heredity, brain development, trauma, and parenting on emerging psychopathy. Implications for treatment will also be discussed, as well as similar traits in prominent leaders.

People of Conscience

People of Conscience (POC)
You are invited to attend the first meeting of an exploratory committee for a potential spoke to the Lake Superior Freethinkers. Initial conversations about this new group have referred to it as People of Conscience, which is to be focused on ACTION for greater good - a group for people who want to work with the subject of morality, without superstition. 
Ideas, proposals, and initial thoughts for consideration and discussion include:
§  secular morality book club
§  annual Secular Morality Summit – public education conference 
§  what should we be thinking about if we are going to consider increasing our voice & visibility as People of Conscience?  
§  evaluation - keep learning from whatever we decide to do as People of Conscience

Why is this important?
§  The vital issues of our day require moral leadership.
§  In response, it is vital that we as secular people continue to develop our moral leadership, enhance and increase our voice and visibility, take effective action, and participate as equals in partnerships and coalitions working for change and providing service in the community. 
§  POC would serve a role of continuing to build and strengthen LSF by organizing opportunities for LSF members to connect and work together on issues they care about. This would increase our visibility and presence as fully equal partners in the wider community.
§  POC would work to increase the number and diversity of people, perhaps especially younger people, connected to LSF.   Hopefully this would contribute to the goal of being viewed as an equally attractive option among belief systems.

Hope to see you there!
Please RSVP to:  Jo Haberman at jojane@juno.com   612-600-7483

She will provide location details/directions