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February 2015
Sonya Alston, "The Rights Women Still Don't Have"

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Updates to the blog

A new gadget has been added to the blog on the left hand side. The new section is called "Recommended LInks". This will be used to provide links to videos, articles and other "stuff" that may be associated with freethinkers of note. The first one added is for PZ Myers speech at the Rally for Reason in D.C. on Saturday, March 24th. PZ will be our guest in October (he is a busy man).

I will try to locate links for other upcoming speakers in the future. If you have one, send it along to me at ksynergy@msn.com
Ken Eck


Kalon said...
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Kalon said...

I like the improved format of the newsletter posts. The photos make the site stand out a bit more. With the site looking good and being properly maintained, I hope they are directing people to it. Keep up the good work!

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