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February 2013 Newsletter

February, 2013 Newsletter of the Lake Superior Freethinkers

Facilitators: David Broman - 218-349-7455, Bill Guse - 834-4583, 343-4806

First Sunday - Radisson Hotel – 9:00 AM Social – 9:30 Breakfast


George Erickson, editor, tundracub@mchsi.com

Program - Steve Hagen - Why I am Not a Buddhist
Steve is a Zen priest, head teacher at Dharma Field Zen Center in Minneapolis, and the brother of long time LSFer Dale Hagen, now deceased.

Christian ecclesiastics are reluctant to tell their congregants that there were at least 15 man/god savior figures in Middle East history who were born of a virgin, persecuted, crucified, died for the sins of man, were resurrected and rose to heaven after being dead for three days. -Rod Sheffer

Another victim of the northern missionaries - by George Erickson

In 1975, during one on my 38 yearly flights across northern Canada, I stopped at Coppermine, a tiny settlement on the edge of the Arctic Ocean. There, I encountered a woman walking the beach with her 2-3 year old son. See the photo below, followed by the text from my pro-science best seller True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane, in which I described the encounter.

Last month – 37 years later – and thanks to the internet - I was able to locate him through a Canadian friend so that he and his parents could enjoy the photograph. As you will see, his closing comments reveal the corruption that occurs when a sweet young kid is polluted by missionaries.

1975 - From True North: Exploring the Great Wilderness by Bush Plane.

A forty-foot power-sailer has been hauled up onto the beach. Looking it over while I wait for Coppermine to come to life, I picture myself standing at the helm, dodging bergy bits along the Arctic coast. As I'm about to wend my imaginary way into Cambridge Bay, someone says "hello."

Turning, I discover an Inuit woman with a child at her side.
"Oh, hi," I answer. "I'd begun to wonder if the town was deserted. Where is everyone?"
"Oh, they're around." she says, with of casual wave that takes in land and sea….
As we stroll along the beach, I turn our conversation to her child.
"And how old is this little guy?
"He's almost three."
"May I take his picture?" When she says, "That's OK," the child beams with delight.

With the easy confidence of a professional model, he sets his baby-bottle upright in the hub of a large, bronze boat propeller lying on the beach, then pulls back his rabbit fur hood and smiles a benevolent smile. Neither forward nor self-conscious, he stands at ease in rubber boots, plaid pants and a dark-green parka. As the shutter captures his serene smile and oriental ancestry, I think of the next Dali Llama - someone destined to fame.

Two husky pups crawl out from beneath a nearby overturned boat. Cuddly and roly-poly, they're dying for attention. One is pure white, the other a mixture of white, tan and grey. I squat down to rub their bellies and scratch their ears as they try to climb my legs. "My wife would love one of these," I say, then discover that the woman and child have moved on down the beach.

2013- from the former child on the beach
Thank you for the photo. schooling was hard because my parents lived off the land, so school was not taken seriously till i realized that i should take it more seriously in the eighth grade.

when i put all i found that i could excel and i did for a bit but did not complete high school due to alcohol abuse which robbed me of my deploma but i find myself more advanced then some people who did graduate ,not to say or bost but science was always of intrest.

i have worked all over the place but i am working now at housing association (repairman) , i enjoy my job as it allows me to work on boilers, plumbing, carpentry and other types of work. i would prefer to be retired and hunt or tour the lands of the north. you are blessed to have toured my land.

yes i heard of the rise in co2 levels, ozone depletion, polar shif,t tide change, tectonic plates moving, and warming of the oceans, glacier melts, near misses of astroids and so on all is of concern, but i have seen jesus. when i was a year old me and my 2 aunties they were 7and8 we were alone in the house and he appeared to us i remember it like yesterday… these past few years i have been plaged with injurys, my body is so broken( broken bones , torn muscles, busted ligaments) and yea i work my body past the limits, but i shall prevail because i must not give up. i am fourty but at times i feel like i am eighty.

K’s story demonstrates why priests say “Give me a child until he is 10 and I will have him for life.” In Back to the Barrens, the sequel to True North, I give many detailed descriptions of the damage – sometimes deadly – done to natives by zealous missionaries who were ignorant of the deep-seated troubles they were causing. See http://www.hancockhouse.com/products/bacbar.htm or www.tundracub.com for ordering information.

New book for the LSF library:
In Freedom We Trust: An Atheist Guide to Religious Liberty
by Edward and Michael Buckner - (Prometheus Books)

Looking for a concise, well written, readable book on why we need Church/State separation and how to respond to those who claim that ours is a Christian nation - or that there can be no morality without religion? Well, look no more, because In Freedom We Trust provides those responses and more.

Although all 19 chapters bear useful fruit, I was especially impressed with Chapter 3, titled Religion and Politics Now because of its currency, and with Chapter 5 – History Is Not on The Side of The Angels because of its historic overview of religious excesses. I was especially pleased with Chapter 17 – Questions - which gives specific answers to questions and assertions frequently raised by “Christian nation” proponents.

In Freedom We Trust is an A+ book, and every freethinker will do well to read it.

George Erickson – past pres, MN Humanists and past V P of the American Humanist Assoc.

A note from Bill van Druten - I am proud to have founded LSF and more proud of what our leaders and council have done. As I get older, my voice will thin from its minor advisory value to insignificance. Yet, while I am still more or less with it, I want to say to all of you,


Can I be remembered as one with YOU who brought the renaissance and enlightenment to the American North? Let us all be proud and never forget that.

A partial list of books in our circulating LSF Library

If you have others at home, please email tundracub@mchsi.com so I can update the list.

  • A Tour of the Calculus
  • About Time
  • American Grace
  • American Infidel
  • American Jihad
  • American Places - Stegner
  • An Alchemy of Mind - Ackerman
  • Atheism Explained – Steele
  • Attack of the Theocrats
  • Basin and Range - McPhee
  • Candidate Without a Prayer - Silverman
  • Chomsky - Chomsky
  • Columbus and the Quest for Jerusalem
  • Conservative Assault on the Constitution - Chemerinski
  • Contact - Sagan
  • Daughter of the Universe
  • Dictionary of Scientists
  • Essential Judaism
  • Evolution for Everyone - Wilson
  • Eunuchs for the Kingdom of Heaven - Heinemann
  • Farewell to God – Templeton
  • Finding Darwin's God – Miller
  • For Your Own Good - Miller
  • Heart of the Land: Essays on the Last Great Places
  • Hell in a Hand Basket – Tomorrow
  • How to Teach Physics to Your Dog
  • Infidel
  • In Freedom We Trust – Buckner
  • Let Them Eat Prozac – Healy
  • Losing Faith in Faith – Barker
  • Losing Our Religion
  • Meditations - Thomas Moore
  • Mosquito: A Natural History of Our Most … Deadly Foe
  • My View of Reality - Sheffer
  • Rapture Ready - Radosh.
  • Science Matters - Hazen & Trefil
  • Sisters of the Dream
  • The Age of Insight
  • The Archimedes Codex
  • The Body in Question – Miller
  • The Discoverers - Boorstyn
  • The Creation: An Appeal To Save Life On Earth - Wilson
  • The Faith Club - Warner
  • The Gift of Rest
  • The Language of God
  • The Last Testament: A Memoir by God
  • The Party of Fear - Bennett
  • The Pleasure Police
  • The Power of Silence
  • The Secret History of American Empire: The Truth About Economic Hit Men…
  • The Story of Philosophy – Durant
  • Thinking Like a Mountain - Bateman
  • Treasury of Women's Quotations – Warner
  • 2,548 Best Things Anyone Ever Said
  • Under the Banner of Heaven
  • Unrepentant – Annett
  • Unsettled
  • Uranium – Zoellner
  • Why I Am Not A Christian - Russell